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Every little bit helps!

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As a non-profit, your kindness is truly what keeps us on the air.

Hello, Friends! As an inspirational and uplifting radio station, we hope we are continuing to bring you moments of peace and encouragement throughout your day. As always, we're on a "Mission to Keep the Music Going" and we could use your help. Our staff consists of mostly volunteers who put countless hours into preparing their music choices - narrowing it down to recognizable songs they know and enjoy - and we hope you do too! If you find yourself in a position to help, please fill out the upper right-hand portion of this page. The money will be put to good use to continue to grow our expanding music library, update our equipment, and continue to connect our listeners with amazing local businesses! Thank you so much for your consideration. We're looking forward to seeing you all throughout the year at community events! Take care, stay healthy, & God bless!

~ Amy Kaduce, KCMR General Manager