2024 Spring Festival of Giving

Hello & Happy Spring from Inspiration 97.9 FM KCMR!

2024 Spring Festival of Giving image

Our Mission to Keep the Music Going Starts with You!

This year has been off to a dramatic start for our little non-profit radio station. This past winter, when our area hit record-breaking freezing temperatures outside - we learned a few important lessons including the extent of damage that can be done by cold temperatures, replacement parts for older tech are hard to come by, and if you can find them, they’re not cheap.

We were off the air. Working as quickly as we could, we worked to get a short-term replacement. The signal didn’t reach as far, but we had something. Finally, after weeks of waiting for parts that we didn’t think we would get for months - we got what we needed and were back to full power.

The feeling of helplessness - waiting and waiting for any sort of update made us realize - we need a new back-up plan.

That’s where you come in! We are working to raise funds for a back-up system that will keep us on the air (at least locally) if we run into equipment issues. We’ve already incurred some costs that weren’t included in our budget this year with the repair parts and engineering costs. And there are plenty more to come.

We are so lucky to have such a thoughtful and giving audience.We recieved so many calls when we got back on the air, with one message, “We missed you!” And we missed you too.

I hope you will consider donating. $5 now? $5 once a month automatically withdrawn from your account? Or sponsor a full day of music in honor of a loved one for $400? Any amount truly does help.

Thank you for your consideration! ~Amy Kaduce, General Manager